Governance and Policy

Existing Members and Trustees are drawn from our successful hard federated governing body which was rated outstanding by Ofsted. However, in order to strengthen our corporate skills for managing a larger organisation we have actively recruited additional Members and Trustees who bring with them relevant experience of corporate governance, change management, growth management, risk management and branding / marketing skills.


The Trust Board at its meeting on 21st September 2016 agreed our governance arrangements, executive team structure and that 5% top slice of individual school budgets should be applied to cover the activities of supporting all schools within the Trust.




Executive Structure

Roles and Functions

Cycle of Meetings

Arbor Academy Trust Certificate of Incorporation

Arbor Academy Trust Governance Arrangements 2017-2019

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Terms of Reference for Members


Trustee Board

Terms of Reference for Trustees



Terms of Reference Standards Committee

Terms of Reference Finance  and Resources Committee


Local Governing  Body

Terms of Reference for LGB





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