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 Executive Structure

 Roles and Functions

 Cycle of Meetings

Arbor Academy Trust Certificate of Incorporation

Arbor Academy Trust Governance Arrangements

Articles of Association


Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference for Members

Terms of Reference for Trustees

Terms of Reference and Scheme of Delegation for Standards Committee

Terms of Reference and Scheme of Delegation for Finance  and Resources Committee

Terms of Reference and Scheme of Delegation for Risk and Audit Committee

Terms of Reference and Scheme of Delegation for Pay Committee

Terms of Reference and Scheme of Delegation for Local Governing Boards


Pecuniary of Interests



Paul Lyons

Victoria Coxon

Imran Patel

Bobby Friedman



Marcia Douet

Graham Moss

Maureen Okoye

Michael Russell

Helen Wagner

Jacqueline Westaway

Candice Dwight  (appointed 01/02/2019)

Irfana Malik (appointed 30/7/2019)


Davies Lane LGB committee

Jenni Walsh (Parent)

Fiona Sinclair (Parent)

Amy Barbor (Trustee appointment - 01/05/2019) (Also a parent)

Charlotte Beaulah (Trustee appointment - 01/05/2019) (Also a parent)

Magali Pullino (Trustee appointment - 01/05/2019) (Also a parent)

Scott McMillan (Trustee appointment - 01/05/2019) (Also a parent)

Sofian Ragab (Trustee appointment - 01/05/2019) (Also a parent)

Margaret Skeete  (Staff appointment)

Bronwen Chalmers  (Headteacher)


Selwyn LGB committee

Jenni Walsh (Trustee appointment) (Chair of Governors)

Tamie Kyriakou (Parent)

Tania Sach (Staff appointment)

  Emma Finnigan (Trustee appointment - 01/05/2019) (Also a parent)

Gillian Lambert (Trustee appointment - 01/05/2019) (Also a parent)

Suzanne Erbes (Trustee appointment - 01/05/2019) (Also a parent)

David Livie (Headteacher)


Woodford Green LGB Comittee

Suzanna Bryan (Parent Chair of LGB)

Carol Stewart (Trustee appointment)

Julie French (Staff appointment)

Peter-Jon Prince (Headteacher)

Oliver Ford (Parent)

 Katie Barnes (parent)



Northwold LBG Committee

Charlotte Haworth (Chair, parent)

Anne Smith (Parent)

Mohamed Imran Mulla (Parent)

Fazil Gajia (Trustee Appointment, parent)

Sarah Gaughan (Trustee Appointment)

Helen Moran (Trustee Appointment)

Linton Williams (Staff Appointment)

Shelley-Ann Goulbourne (Headteacher)


Arbor Academy Trust a charitable company limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales with company number 10234376. The registered office is at Arbor Academy Trust, Davies Lane primary school, Davies Lane, Leytonstone E11 3DR



Arbor Academy Trust,

Davies Lane Primary School,

Davies Lane,



E11 3DR


School hours

Office Hours

8.00am - 4.30pm



Main Telephone

0208 539 2466

Human Resources

0208 539 2466 ext  2333